In 2004 I was hired by Disney Cruise Line to come aboard one of their ships as their resident DJ. I flew from Albuquerque to Orlando, completed shoreside training for the cruise line at Disney World, and then boarded the Disney Wonder ship, which was going to be my home for the next 5 months. […]

Today I took my Ducati 749 to get registered in California. It hasn’t been registered for quite some time, largely due to some weird laws in the state that make registering out-of-state motorcycles really difficult, if not impossible. I was, however, successful in getting my bike registered, and there are several things I learned today […]

When I accepted a new job in California in 2013, my wife and I initially thought we would sell our home in Albuquerque. After our appraisal came in much lower than expected, we instead decided to rent out our home to build equity for a few years before putting the home on the market. We rented our home for 3 […]

In 2004 while working with, I found myself traveling to a lot of podunk towns giving presentations to college and high school students about how to make the most of their future. Monster paid for all my meals on the road, so I made it my personal goal to try to find as many mom & […]

Apple created an ad for their “Shot on iPhone” campaign using a portion of Maya Angelou’s “Human Family” poem that will air for the first time during the Olympics Games Rio 2016 opening ceremonies tonight on NBC. The Screen Actors Guild of America, which includes actors, radio hosts, singers and models, announced its list of the […]

When I was 25 years old, I started dating a girl I met at a wedding. She was a Christian. I am a Christian. She loved running. I love running. She loved Chinese food. I love Chinese food. We had a lot in common. Several mutual friends had also been invited to the wedding where […]







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