If Your Life Were a Movie, Who’d Make the Credits?

November 8, 2021


I have a friend whose son has recently begun working in the movie industry. I asked him if his son has had his name listed in the credits of a movie yet. My friend said, “Not yet. You only get your name in the credits if you’re one of the big dogs.” 

It got me thinking: Who are the big dogs in my life? Who are the people who have been so influential that, if my life were a movie, they’d be listed in MY credits? 

There’s my wife Ashten. My kids: Makaela, Noah and Bennett. My life has forever been changed because of each of them. Of course, there’s my mom, Kathy and my dad, Don. Both of my sisters, Mindy and Meg. Several other relatives and in-laws. 

But there are also people who aren’t family who would make the credits. I can think of a few teachers. My coach in high school and college. My Bible study leader. Several of my friends. Multiple pastors. Many people whose grace and generosity have helped shape my faith in the Lord and belief in mankind. 

What about you? Who are the people who have had some of the most meaningful roles in your life? Who are the people who have had the greatest impact on who you have become? Who has loved you the most? Who has been most generous to you? Who has shown you the most compassion? Who has shaped your character? Who has helped shape your values? 

Perhaps an even more important question is this: “Whose life credits would YOU be listed in?” 

Who’s life have you played a meaningful role in? Why did you make their credits? Is it because you’re related to them? Because you gave life to them? Or perhaps because you inspire them? Because you love them? Because you believed in them? Because you have led them? 

Aside from being a parent or sibling, the #1 reason why you would likely make somebody else’s credits is this: 

Because you helped them live the life they were meant to live. 

Mark Twain said, “The 2 most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” 

When you help someone else discover the reason they’re alive or help them live the life they were meant to live, no doubt you will make the credits of their life. 

Tag someone in the comments who has had an impact on your life, and look for opportunities to help others live the lives they were meant to live. 








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