The Untold Significance of the Last Supper

April 6, 2020

seder meal


PHCC is offering a live-streamed service for a Passover Meal on Thursday, April 9, 2020 at 6:00pm MST.

Passover is an annual holiday remembering how God delivered His people from captivity under Pharaoh’s control 1400 years before Jesus was born.

Each year following the mass exodus of Israelites fleeing Egypt, the Jews celebrated Passover in a weeklong celebration.

“Seder” is a Hebrew word for “order”. God is a God of order, not chaos.

When people would gather together for their seder meal, the meal was the kick-off of all the Passover festivities. Those eating the meal would follow a specific order by eating certain types of food, each symbolizing a different part of God’s love, compassion and deliverance.

When Christians take communion with crackers and juice, it is really just an abbreviated version of a seder meal. The cracker represents Jesus’ body that was broken for mankind, and the juice represents His blood that was shed on behalf of others. In a similar way, every other type of food included in a seder meal also has symbolic meaning.

Because the meaning is symbolic, you can adjust the menu items with anything you might have that is similar. The food types don’t have to be exactly the same because the intent and meaning are still the same.


All of the food supplies for the PHCC Seder Dinner on April 9, 2020, are available for purchase from the Cañon Café in a “Passover Pack.” Place your order by calling 505-258-4826 Mon-Wed 7a-2p. Passover Packs will be available for pickup at the Cañon Café between 7a-2p on April 9. Passover Packs are available for $10. Passover Packs feed between 2-6 people.

Keep in mind the seder meal is intended to be more symbolic than filling. Therefore, you might want to eat a normal dinner after your seder meal. I would suggest you eat your real dinner after the seder rather than before.


Find each item listed below, find the item or something similar and have enough for each person in your family to have a bite or two. Then tune in to the PHCC live stream at 6:00p on Thursday, April 9, 2020, where I will walk you through each course of the meal and explain its meaning.

Note: Due to increased demand on our website and servers, we have been experiencing technical difficulties. If the live stream you try to watch fails or does not appear, try another platform. The PHCC live stream is available on multiple platforms, including: Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo.


  • Green Vegetable (one bite per person; ie. broccoli, parsley, snap peas, lettuce, etc)
  • Meat: (one bite per person; ie. meatballs, turkey, pepperoni, beef jerkey, etc)
  • Crackers/Chips: (one cracker/chip per per person to dip; ie. Saltines, Wheat Thins, tortilla chips, etc)
  • Dip: (preferably something bitter or spicy; ie. horseradish, hot sauce, soy sauce, etc)
  • Eggs: (one bite of egg for each person; ie. boiled egg or deviled egg)
  • Apples: (one slice per person; if you can make them taste good, that’s even better; ie. fried apples, apples dipped in sugar, southern glazed apples, apple crisp, etc)
  • Bread: (one bite of bread per person; ie. French bread, white bread, any type of bread)
  • Cup of saltwater (one cup for the whole family)
  • Small cup of juice (one for each person; can be any type of juice)
  • Candle & lighter (one candle per family)


Course 1: Broccoli & saltwater

Course 2: Meatballs

Course 3: Crackers & Horseradish

Course 4: Eggs

Course 5: Apple Crisp (Horoset)

Course 6: Bread

Course 7: Juice







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