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May 13, 2016

Join the Movement

There are countless leaders who lead people the wrong way. While they are still leaders, they simply aren’t worth following.

My goal is to be the type of leader who is worth following. I want my life to have meaning. I want to have purpose. I want to leave this world different and better than how I found it.

This means that at times it will be harder to do the right thing than the wrong thing. This means at times I may have to stand alone. This means at times I will be uncomfortable, stretched or challenged.

Making the choice to lead people the right direction does not mean life will be easy.

Jesus said:

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. 

If you choose to head through the narrow gate, you may look behind you to discover that others are right there with you, but just needed someone to lead the way. Leading people down the narrow path will certainly be more daunting than the wide path that most others are taking, but I genuinely believe the narrow path leads to a far more fulfilling life.

As I pursue a fulfilling life striving to be a worthwhile leader, I commit to the following and invite you to do the same:

  1. I vow to commit to the servant leadership model that Jesus teaches and demonstrates.
  2. I vow to never “arrive” as a leader and will always be looking for opportunities to grow.
  3. I vow to invite genuine accountability into my life to hold me accountable to becoming the person I want to be.
  4. I vow not to be a person who merely learns about leadership, but someone who takes actions based on what I have learned.
  5. I vow to seek out others in whom I can impart wisdom I have acquired.
  6. I vow to be more concerned about my legacy that outlives me than the temporal pleasures of life.
  7. I vow to take seriously the platform God has provided to me.


If you too want to be a leader worth following and choose to do your best to adhere to the 7 commitments above, I invite you to JOIN THE MOVEMENT by signing your name in the comment section below. Your life is way too valuable to be wasted. Join me.







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