The Business of Burritos and Donuts

August 12, 2016

Best Donuts in the World

In 2004 while working with, I found myself traveling to a lot of podunk towns giving presentations to college and high school students about how to make the most of their future.

Monster paid for all my meals on the road, so I made it my personal goal to try to find as many mom & pop restaurants that served breakfast burritos as I possibly could. Who doesn’t love a good breakfast burrito?!

About 2 years into my job with Monster, I decided the only thing better than a breakfast burrito was a FREE breakfast burrito.

So, I registered the domain named of (<= the site no longer exists, so don’t bother searching for it), called each restaurant ahead of time, and let them know what day I was coming.  I wrote a review for every breakfast burrito I tried, and most restaurants paid for my meal in exchange for my review. It was a success: I was able to try breakfast burritos all over the country for free!

I made up business cards for the site, but word-of-mouth for the site never really took off since I had inadvertently selected the worst domain name ever since nobody could spell “connoisseur”. Even I had to frequently Google how to spell “connoisseur” since I couldn’t remember how to spell my own website URL!

When I left my position with Monster, I allowed the domain name expire since I was no longer traveling the United States and living out of hotels. The only results from my reviews that I recall off the top of my head were the 3 best breakfast burritos in Albuquerque, which were Golden Pride (#1), Blake’s (#2), and Sophia’s (#3). (Sorry Albuquerque friends, Twister’s didn’t even make my top 10.)

But that story leads me to requesting your help today.

Nearly every Saturday morning, I take my daughter Makaela out on a “daddy date”, which typically consists of going to a local donut shop. In the last two years or so, KK and I have visited donut shops all over Southern California mainly for the new adventure and quality time during our dates together.

The more shops we visit, I keep finding myself in discussions with other donut lovers who share their passion for their own favorite donut shops. The thought occurred to me:

Why not make a donut review blog for all the donut shops we visit? 

Unlike my last review site, I think it’d be cool if people could actually find the blog. Did you know that over 550,000 people search for the term “donuts” each month? Apparently there are a lot of people looking for donuts, but there aren’t a “hole” lot of reviews. (<=Get it? Haha.)

Thus, I’d love your feedback.

What domain name do you think would be best for a donut review blog?

It’s all just for fun, so don’t spend too much time thinking about it. However, I’d love to know your thoughts. And no, is not one of the options this time!

Take a second to vote for your favorite donut domain name below. If you’re interested in joining the donut review crew, let me know and I’ll be happy to tell you when and where we’ll be headed.

I appreciate your time and feedback! Have a sweet day! 🙂







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