Most couples spend countless hours preparing for their wedding, but don't think too much about preparing for their marriage. With a 51% divorce rate in the United States, the stats unfortunately aren't in your favor. However, by investing time and effort in analyzing potential problem areas in your relationship before they arise, studies show that you have the ability to dramatically swing the stats in your favor and increase the chances of enjoying your marriage for the rest of your life. Matt Mizell is a Certified Premarital Facilitator who can help guide and direct you and your fiancée before you exchange your vows using either Prepare Enrich or SYMBIS assessments. 

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Don't plan for YOUR wedding, but fail to plan for YOUR marriage.

Due to high demand, Matt is not accepting any new couples for weddings or pre-marital counseling unless your wedding date is scheduled after September 2021. If you are getting married after September 2021, feel free to reach out to Matt for availability. Otherwise, Matt can help you connect with another pastor who can facilitate your pre-marital counseling instead. Thank you for your understanding.



According to, couples who underwent counseling before their wedding had a 30% higher marital success rate than those who did not. Even the government sees the benefits of premarital counseling and has created incentives for couples to undergo marriage education prior to exchanging vows. Usually these incentives come in the form of tax breaks or waived marriage license fees. These states include Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Minnesota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. California requires premarital counseling for couples under the age of 18, and Colorado is considering making premarital counseling required for ALL couples. Check with your state's current laws to determine what incentives might be available to you. Who knew you could get paid to protect your marriage! 

Valuable relationship insight and challenges can be customized and tailored specifically to you and your fiancé based on your personalities, backgrounds and expectations.

Put into practice optional daily challenges laid out for you in a simple step-by-step format to ensure you get the most out of your premarital consultations.

Practical Application

Matt is licensed and trained as a Certified Premarital Facilitator. 92% of couples* who have chosen Matt to help facilitate premarital discussions are still married today. (*Compare to the national average of 49%.)

Certified Facilitation


Tailored Feedback


The Communication category measures how couples feel about the quality and quantity of communication in their relationship. It explores how they share feelings, understand, and listen to one another.


The Family & Friends category measures relationship satisfaction with relatives and friends. It looks at each individual’s opinions of the other’s family and friends, as well as the level of influence and/or interference experienced from these relationships.

Family & Friends

The Marriage Expectations category measures how realistic or unrealistic each individual is about love, marriage, and the typical challenges that all married couples face.

Marriage Expectations

The Conflict Resolution category looks at a couple’s ability to discuss and resolve differences. It measures how effectively couples share opinions, ideas, and feelings, even during times of conflict.

Conflict Resolution

The Sexual Expectations category measures a couple’s satisfaction with the affection in their relationship. It also looks at their comfort in discussing sexual issues, expectations, and history.

Sexual Expectations

Align your personal and couple goals to ensure that you’re both heading in the same direction.

Goal Setting

The Relationship Roles category measures a couple’s expectations about how decision making and responsibilities will be shared. It looks at each individual’s preferences for traditional or equalitarian roles in their relationship.

Relationship Roles

Research reveals that during marital conflict a husband most often reacts when feeling disrespected and a wife reacts when feeling unloved. We take a look at Dr. Emerson Eggerichs’ findings about the healthy and crazy cycles of marriage.

Love & Respect

The Parenting Expectations category measures agreement on issues related to having and raising children. This category explores opinions about starting a family, handling discipline, and sharing parenting responsibilities.

Parenting Expectations

The Partner Style & Habits category measures each person’s satisfaction with the personal characteristics and habits of their partner. It looks at each person’s relationship style and habits as expressed in their behavior.

Partner Style & Habits

The Financial Management category looks at having realistic financial plans and agreement in the area of
finances. It explores opinions about spending habits, savings, debt, and making financial decisions.

Financial Management

The Spiritual Beliefs category measures how satisfied or involved couples are with the practice and expression of spiritual beliefs in their relationship. This category looks at similarities in spiritual beliefs and whether they are a resource or a source of tension.

Spiritual Beliefs

The Leisure Activities category measures a couple’s satisfaction with the amount and quality of leisure time spent together. It looks at similarities in interests, and satisfaction with the balance of time spent together and apart.

Leisure Activities

The SCOPE Personality assessment consists of five dimensions based on the Five Factor Model of Personality.

Personality Assessment

Author Gary Chapman unveils five distinct ways in which people communicate love to one another. While it is important to understand your primary “language” of showing love, it is even more important to know your spouse’s. Discover you and your spouses primary love languages throughout the course of our premarital consultations.


Marriages that don't make it often end for similar reasons. Matt will help you identify safeguards and boundaries to help protect your marriage against outside threats and potential unseen future harm. 


The statistic for failed marriages in the US is 51%. This means that despite vows that typically include something like "'til death do us part", over half of all marriages unfortunately end in divorce. The good news is that there is one relatively simple step you can take to dramatically change the stats in your favor. In fact, with one minor tweak, you can drop your statistical likelihood of divorce from 51% to less than 1%. (Actually, technically it drops to 0.001%, but close enough.) While this dramatic shift toward success does require intentionality, it's not rocket science or crazy difficult. Matt will teach and train you on how to swing these stats in your favor to make your risk of failure less than 1%.


"I had a great and fun experience doing premarital with Matt. He helped Stuart and I learn more about each other in a deeper way. He also taught us many unique tools to use in our marriage."


married july 18

"We were so blessed to have Matt as our premarital counselor! He really took his time to get to know us as a couple. He gave us so many tools that we still apply to our marriage today! He is the best!"


married FEBRUARY 24

OPTION 1: Premarital Counseling
(See what is included in the list below) 

OPTION 2: Officiate Wedding Ceremony & Rehearsal
$299/couple (includes one ceremony planning session) 

OPTION 3: COMBO Package (Everything from OPTIONS 1 & 2 at a discounted rate) 



• Online inventory assessment (Prepare Enrich or SYMBIS) for both the bride and groom to help identify strength and growth areas from a biblical standpoint 
• A couple's report with customized analysis of your relationship 
• Couple's Workbook (printable)
• 2 optional formats for premarital sessions: Face-to-Face or Video Calls (Skype, Google Hangouts or Facetime)
• 4 sessions (more available depending on needs of couple)
• 90 minutes during each session
• Marriage Checkup session 6 months after your wedding date
• Option to have Matt officiate your rehearsal & wedding (based on availability & location)
• Upon completion of all premarital sessions, you will receive a Certificate of Completion that may be used for obtaining any available state incentives
• 1-Year money-back guarantee 


• Practical couple challenges that are fun and engaging
• Honest conversations that dig into your past, present and future 
• Confidential sessions with a facilitator specifically trained for premarital counseling 
• An unbiased 3rd party person who helps fight for your marriage before it ever begins
• A proactive approach to diminishing underlying issues that may otherwise cause destruction down the road 
• Real-life experiences and stories to help you navigate your own path 
• A game plan for how to get back on track when everything seems to fall apart 
• A stronger relationship than you have ever experienced before 
• Hard work that will pay off in huge dividends for decades to come 
• A clear understanding of what your spouse needs from you
• Action steps to help you become the ideal spouse for your partner

OPTION 1: Premarital Counseling ..................................................................................................................................................
• See what is included in the list below

OPTION 2: Officiate Wedding Ceremony & Rehearsal ........................................................................................................
• Includes one ceremony planning session

OPTION 3: COMBO Package ...........................................................................................................................................................
• Includes everything from OPTIONS 1 & 2 at a discounted rate




If you successfully complete all of your premarital sessions and feel at any time during the first year of your marriage that your premarital sessions were not of value to you or your marriage, Matt will give you all your money back. 

one year money-back guarantee


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