Free Christmas Advent Calendar

November 22, 2017

Each Black Friday while millions of people head out for all the steals and deals the day after Thanksgiving, I get most excited about the holiday season upon us. I love the Christmas lights, parties, eggnog, and the rest of the craziness that comes along with the holidays.

Yet in the midst of all the fun and excitement, I challenge myself each year not to lose sight of what is truly most important.

To help keep myself focused on the story of the arrival of Christ, I wrote a Christmas advent calendar that unpacks the Christmas story from the Bible each December morning leading up to Christmas day. I’ve designed it to be short and sweet so there’s a greater likelihood that I’ll actually read it each day during the holiday season.

Last year, I invited some friends and over 100 people joined me in my journey. If you’re interested in joining me this year as I go through it again, I’ve made it available in 3 editions:

  1. Text Edition (FREE): Each morning starting on December 1 through Christmas Day, you will receive a short text message of the Christmas story and link where you can read more. Don’t worry, the daily text comes directly from ProTexting so nobody else can see your phone number, nor will you receive any group replies spamming your phone. Standard text rates through your carrier apply, but otherwise it’s free. To receive the free Text Edition, send a text that says “advent” to 82257.
  2. Kindle Edition (FREE): Download it on your digital device at no cost between Black Friday and December 1. Amazon only allows brief free promotional periods, which prevents it from being free all year long. If you miss the free Black Friday promotion, the regular price is just 99 cents.
  3. Print Edition: If you prefer to actually write in your advent calendar as a journal, the Print Edition is the best option for you. With Amazon Prime, you’ll get a physical copy within 2 days or you can send it to a loved one as an early Christmas gift.

In all 3 editions, the advent calendar will provide you with a Bible verse that tells part of the Christmas story. You are encouraged to read the scripture verse provided, think about what you observe from that part of the Christmas story, and what you can learn about God or apply from the Bible.

Each day’s portion should only take about 5 minutes to read and contemplate. For more information on SOAP Bible studies in general, click here.

Feel free to share this with whomever you think would appreciate it, and I hope you enjoy a blessed holiday season!









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